The Snubble FAQ
In truth, there are no frequently asked questions about Snubble. But what if there were? The hypothetical must be answered.

Q: Will you design my website?

A: Sure. Email me at I like building websites, including making them for others. Nothing too fancy, just layout, graphics, color and text put into a nice configuration.

Q: What does "snubble" mean?

A: "Snubble" means that every other domain name that I attempted to register was taken. With the exception of extremely obscure terms, almost every word in the English language is registered, even if there is no actual website for it. Even nonsense words are registered. I attempted to register such words as scrump, skrunk, mispelt, and actually. Try it yourself. Go to a domain-name registration site such as Network Solutions and type in "buttmunch" or "wafflehead" or something. Taken.

As for "snubble" itself, well, it rhymes with "bubble." So that there's something. I don't know what it means. It's fun to say out loud. Just like "google" and "yahoo," except those are actual words. I almost chose "snobble" but thought it had bad "snob" connotations.

Q: Who runs Snubble? What is it for?

A: Snubble is a personal website run by me. It's just a place for me to play show and tell, post some graphics, and experiment with online creativity and expression (probably feebly, but we'll see). As for who I am, right now I don't feel like putting my name online for people to locate via Google. Maybe later. Anyway, if you're here you probably already know who I am.

Q: Why are the pages full of random images and no links to content?

A: Because, uh, I haven't made the content yet. But rest assured, it is going to be filled with mind-altering, highly inventive and sophisticated material. I would like to write some essays and the like, but more likely I will put up photos. In the future I may dabble with music, animation and film. I just like makin' stuff (in theory but sometimes in practice!).

Q: What's with the page full of links? What are those for?

A: That is sort of a "control panel" of places I like to visit online to stay up on current events. Right now it mostly contains newspapers, magazines, political blogs, and reference sites. Please, if you have any recommendations for sites that are worth visiting on a regular basis (daily or weekly), email me the link and why you like it: Thanks.

Q: I found a page on that is really OLD and OUT OF DATE! What gives?

A: is one of those personal websites where its creator is full of big ideas and plans, and happens. But I've kept Snubble online anyway. Some of the content is timeless!

Q: If this FAQ is full of questions that nobody actually asks, aren't you just talking to yourself?

A: Shut up.

Q: What do you think of cute, furry kittens? Or baskets full of them spilling over into a mewling mess of furry mewlingness?

A: Why, that sounds nice. I will probably try to obtain such a basket around the same time as I sign up for Cat Fancy magazine (actually, now it's "Cat Channel").

General questions? Read the FAQ. Other questions/comments? Email